We welcome you to AlmarBcn, a place where we try that everybody could sail...

We are a sustainable company, we love and respect the sea and the environment. Chronos, our boat, a beautiful 44 ft long sailboat, always open its sails, with winds permission, of course.

We organize trips throughout the year. From trips of a few hours, such as Sea Baptism, to several days trips, such as the journey to Ibiza and Formentera. We invent excursions in which we combine sailing with culture, wine culture such as the Sea and Wines or that of the seafaring traditions of Escale à Sète. Sailing is for everybody!

If you have some nautical license, but you do not feel sure to face the sea by yourself, we program initiation and improvement outings every year to help you gain security.

Activity of the month

Cursos de formació de navegació a vela

Sail training courses!

We come back one more year with the Training Courses in Sailing Navigation.

Because we know that there is nothing better than practice to gain confidence in ourselves and thus be able to face the various situations in which we may find at the sea.

Two levels, one for those who start and another one for the most experienced. We started in October and finished in June. One day a month, classes of 5 hours.

Do you want to see how we do it?…

AlmarBcn, a place to learn to navigate!

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Customized travels

Learn to sail

Team Building

They are always outings with Alfons, the skipper, and if required also with a sailor, Ulisses, so you do not have to worry about anything. And all these with Inma coordination. You can participate in organized excursions “spot by spot”, which you can come alone or with friends, or rent the entire boat. We would like that you tell us about what your dream journey is, so that we can design it.

Here we are waiting for you!