Sailing around the island of Sardinia

After the success of this adventure in September 2021, this year 2023 we return. Sardinia awaits us!

We have decided to go spend the months of August and September on the second largest island in the Mediterranean. If you think of Sardinia, many images come to mind, but all of them are bright, clear. Images of long white sand beaches, turquoise waters, rocks that die directly into the sea and defensive constructions on the coast.

And to fully soak up the culture of this place, we want to stay for two months, during which we will receive you who will either make the journey with us or arrive by plane.

Sailing around the island of Sardinia, we live the adventure!

Seven different trips with the same protagonist, the island of Sardinia: very long beaches, turquoise waters, fishing villages full of history.

Alfons, the skipper of the boat, and Gonzalo, will accompany you throughout the journey, allowing you, if you feel like it, to help them in the marine maneuvers or delighting you with stories and anecdotes.



We have divided the trip into seven very well differentiated weeks. You can sign up for a single week or as many as you want!
July 29 to August 4: for the most daring, lovers of sailing and who want to experience a high-altitude journey. We will leave the Port of Badalona, to cover the 282Mn that separate us from Algher, the first stop on our trip.
Alghero is a Sardinian-Catalan town, known by many as the most beautiful town on the entire island. It would be unforgivable not to contemplate one of its sunsets.
After having rested, we will continue, now more calmly, and combining leisurely sailing, with bathing in coves, towards the west of the island. We will pass through Bosa, a town crossed by the Temo River, the only navigable river in all of Sardinia. You will love its soft colored houses, its wrought iron balconies, or the old part.
We will continue south to the Gulf of Oristano, and if the sea permits we will stop at San Giovanni di Sinis, at the end of the peninsula that it forms, and from there we will return to Algher where we will say goodbye.


August 5 to 11: This time we will meet in Alghero. From there we will sail towards the north of the island, passing through the Spiaggia della Pelosa, near the Asinara National Park, and we will stop at Castelsardo.
We will cross the Bocche de Bonifacio and make the jump to the neighboring island of Corsica. There we will spend the night in the town that gives it its name, Bonifacio, a mandatory stop on our itinerary and located at the southern end of the island. We will walk along the cliffs and discover the Citadel where you can enjoy the views of the sea. It is an idyllic natural setting
We will also pass through the Maddalena archipelago, with the most colorful and beautiful beaches in Sardinia. Formed by 7 islands, it forms a fascinating natural and faunal complex protected by Unesco. Isola Maddalena, the most visited island, and Budelli, famous for its pink sand caused by limestone particles. We will make a stop at Isola Caprera to discover the natural park.
And from there to the Emerald Coast, where Olbia is located, which is where we will say goodbye.


August 12 to 18

August 19 to 25

August 26 to September 1:

These weeks we will always depart from Olbia, sailing south of Sardinia along the eastern coast of the island. We will leave Olbia to begin to discover this part furrowed by caves and rocks that die directly into the sea. We will pass through places like Isola Tavolara, Capo Coda Cavallo, Cala Suaraccia or the Spiaggia di lastra Ruia.

Sailing through the Tyrrhenian Sea, which is how this part of the Mediterranean is known, we will go down to where the Gennargentu National Park plunges into the sea and creates a coastline of beauty that is difficult to describe. We will have already enjoyed places as full of charm as Cala Gonone, Cala Luna or the Gulf of Orosei.

We will go down to the gulf of Tortolí and Arbatax, a tourist center famous for its red rocks, the red porphyry cliffs at the head of Bellavista that open up to the sea. We will return to Olbia and there we will end our journey.

September 2 to 8: We set sail from Olbia bound for Alghero. Passing through La Maddalena, Bonifacio, Castellsardo, Pelosa, Asinara until reaching Alghero.

September 9 to 15: We will leave Alghero, heading south and bound for the island of Mallorca. We will coast along the southern part of the island, until we reach Andratx. After resting from the journey and having an ensaimada, we will resume our journey along the western coast of Majorca, passing through the island of Dragonera and heading definitively towards Badalona.



840,00€per person and week


690,00€per person and week

included in the price

Round trip on a fantastic sailboat of 13.60 meters in length

Overnight in shared double cabin

skipper and sailor



sheets and towel


Not included in the price

Food and drinks, both on and off the ship

Maintenance of the crew, which will be borne by the clients

Moorings in ports and/or buoys, outside the base port (Badalona)

Transfers to the embarkation/disembarkation ports, both in Badalona and in Sardinia

Fuels. Both the main engine and the auxiliary boat

Consumption of fresh water and electricity in ports

No other concept except those specified in the “Included in the price” section

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