Learn to sail

After detecting that many people who obtain the various sports nautical licenses do not obtain the security, confidence and knowledge they should have to be self-sufficient at sea, I have thought of making a series of training blocks to try to transmit my knowledge of sailing to, in order to ensure that you are able to control the boat and lose your fear (not respect) and thus be able to sail safely.

Learn to sail with us!

aprèn a navegar

Courses, for three years, have been made by levels. We made two groups. One for people who start or need to practice more the basic techniques (hoisting, hauling, tacking and round, man overboard …) and another for those who are already a little more proficient (manoeuvres in port, reefs, Geenaker, sailing in pairs and solo). We are aware that it is very difficult to completely homogenize the group. Therefore, we request a bit of patience from those who already know more. Each group will be between 5 and 7 people, so everyone can practice.

A 5-hour session is made monthly, on Saturday or Sunday, morning, afternoon or night, from October to June, both included. Since everyone has other commitments (family, other activities, work …) the dates of the sessions are agreed from quarter to quarter between the members of each group. The quarterly calendar once agreed, cannot be altered.

Learn to sail

These courses will be complemented with monographic courses on various nautical topics. Last year we already made the first monograph, 6 hours (2 days) long VHF communications with simulators. It was very enriching and I think that all those who attended, are now able to correctly transmit a message in a situation of need.

Continuing with our philosophy (“making sailing available to everyone”) the price for the entire course (9 sessions) is € 550.00 per person. Those who continue from last year doing these sessions or who are or have been part of the regatta team, will receive a 20% discount, so the price is € 440,00

Our idea is, within a time, to open our own nautical school and dispatch the boat as a school boat, in order to be able to give sailing ratings, or ratings to the Balearic Islands, and also do formal training. .

We will keep you informed!