May Festivities:

We are going to see the burning of the devil and the Badalona Pyromusical from a sailboat!!!

We will wait for you

Salidas por el litoral de Badalona

On May 10, Badalona celebrates the burning of the Devil and the great pyromusical, on the occasion of the Festivities of San Anástasio.

The fleet moored in the Port of Badalona, both sportsmen and sailors and fans, people who love the sea and traditions, with the intention of protecting and promoting the conservation of the intangible marine heritage of our country, went out to observe the spectacle from the sea with our boats.

Surely you have never had the experience of living the Badalona Pyromusical from a sailboat.

We offer you to go out with the Chronos, our fantastic sailboat of 14 meters in length, to enjoy the sunset, the fireworks and a bit of typical Catalan “coca” and whoever wants it, a glass of cava or a soda, all in very good company and with a crew with many things to tell.

No experience is necessary, nor is it necessary to be in good physical shape, just wanting to have a good time and live a different experience at sea.

It is suitable for all ages and ideal for families or groups of friends.

Badalona from the sea

Costa de Badalona

This outing is ideal to discover sailing in a calm way and to enjoy the Badalona pyromusical show in a very special way: from the sea and accompanied by a lot of boats of all kinds, sailboats, motor boats, lateen sails , traditional, fishing…

The fantastic view of the Badalona coast illuminated by the sunset, linking up with the great fireworks display and tasting some typical Catalan “coca”, will make you enjoy an unforgettable night.

I don’t know what it is about sailing trips that, even though people don’t know each other and are of diverse origins and talents, a climate of camaraderie is generated that makes it as if we had known each other all our lives.

So close, yet so far at the same time. Sailing is calm, traditional, artisan navigation. The wind rules, you just have to know how to listen. He directs you and sets the pace. The sea welcomes us and also tells us where we should go. Two forces that we will always respect.

After meeting at the dock door, the Captain will always start with a simple introduction, presentation of the boat and some security measures. We will head to the chosen place to have a better view of the fireworks and enjoy!

Participating in navigation

Aprende a navegar con AlmarBcn

On this outing you can help with navigation tasks or simply relax, enjoy the views and savor the ride. If the weather is good and the group feels like it, the boat can also be stopped to take a bath. If you have never experienced swimming in the high seas at sunset, do it! It is a unique sensation!

If we are lucky we will be able to spot some nice sunfish or dolphin.

No experience is necessary, nor be in good physical shape, just the desire to have a good time and live a different experience at sea.



– Meeting time: 7:45 p.m. at the door of dock A of the Port of Badalona

– Departure: 8:00 p.m.

– Return: 11:00 p.m.

4 hours departure

85,00€per person

included in the price

Navigation in a fully equipped 44-foot sailboat.

Required crew.



Typical Catalan “coca” and cava or soda.