Sunset from the sea!

Sailing along Barcelona coast

In those moments when the sun begins to hide and the city changes tones, in which its colours become magical and suggestive, and the lights turn on… in those moments we will go out to witness that transformation, wrapped in the silence of the sea and from a privileged place, Chronos sailboat, a beautiful boat of more than 13 meters length.

Join us to see the Sunset from the sea!

3-hour sailing trip along the coast to see how the sun goes down in the city of Barcelona.

In all the exits you can collaborate in the navigation tasks or simply relax and enjoy.

Posta de sol

From the silence that the sea gives us and when the sun is about to set behind the mountains that define the city, we can contemplate the profile of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Barcelona. Clearly distinguish its most emblematic buildings such as the Vela hotel or the three chimneys.

We will unfold sails and we will go away from the city to set course towards the north or south, depending on the winds that accompany us. Our goal: to relax in those magical moments when the sun goes down and a new night comes.

After meeting at the pier door, the Captain will always start with a simple introduction, presentation of the ship and some security measures. We will choose the course and enjoy!!

Sunset at the sea

In all the trips you can collaborate with the navigation tasks or simply relax, enjoy the show and relish the journey. If we are lucky, we will be able to spot some nice moonfish or dolphin.

No experience is necessary, nor be in good physical shape, just want to have a good time and live a different experience at sea.

The schedule will vary depending the season. Ask in every moment 🙂


3-hour sailing

65,00€per person

3-hour sailing

55,00€per person

Included in the price

Sailing on a fully equipped 44ft sailboat.

Crew required.



Pica-pica and drink.