Anyone from 4 years of age.

Yes. We have life jackets for children from 4 years. Always will be necessary the presence and constant attention of a legal guardian or authorized person in writing. The ratio of tutors per child between 4 and 10 years is one for each child. From 10 to 14, the ratio is 2 children per tutor and from 14 to 18, 3.

Not necessarily. You must be able to move in a self-sufficient way and have a minimum stability that allows you to board and disembark.

There is no limit, as long as you have the described stability and functional self-sufficiency.

Most dizziness are of psychological origin. In case you think you can get dizzy, you can consult us before and we’ll explain several prevention methods, from the most natural, to how to take anti-dizziness pills to make them more effective. In any case, you must know some things regarding the topic:

  • No one, on board, can give any medication to any of the passengers, except with the knowledge and express authorization of the skipper.
  • Unless the rest of the passengers agree or a serious situation, the departure will not be canceled due to dizziness.
  • In case of dizziness, the skipper’s instructions will be strictly followed.

No. It is important not to be afraid of water and to know how to stay afloat. Trips we do are always (except for crossings, departures of several days or training) with good weather forecast.

DO NOT SWIM AND WAIT. During the Second World War, it was known that the majority of those who died at sea were not due to drowning, but to hypothermia (cold). In the Mediterranean, the average water temperature in winter is 14ºC and in summer 22-25ºC. So, it is not a cold sea. An adult person, in normal physical form, can hold in the water long enough to be rescued, as long as, and this is essential, he has some element of buoyancy and remains calm.

Therefore, the first thing is avoid falling into the water (hold tight, follow the instructions of the skipper at all times …). But if we still fall, we will try not to lose our cool. We will scream to be seen and to launch a flotation element and, we will stay afloat, having the minimum body surface in contact with water (fetal position). WE WILL NOT SWIM to avoid losing body heat and conserving the strength for when they come to rescue us.

Chronos, not only carries all the emergency and rescue equipment required by current legislation for recreational yachts, but also carries some state-of-the-art complementary elements not required, but which AlmarBcn considers essential, such as the AIS system (Automatic Information System).

Of course. Alfons has Yacht Skipper License (1989), Yacht Captain License (2005), and PPER (Professional Skipper for Recreational Boats- 2017) License, in addition to having several international STCW degrees and certifications (GMDSS Radio Operator, Training in Maritime Protection, Advanced in Fire Fighting, Specific Sanitary Training, Survival Boats and Rescue Boats, Passenger Ships, Basic Safety Training) and has the International Maritime Passbook and the corresponding registration in Social Security to exercise their profession.

It is a way of travel in which the sailboat is shared with other travellers who may or may not know each other. Cabins are also shared two by two. If you prefer your own cabin, you would pay the price multiplied by two minus 15%.

Of course! But due to the danger of breakage we prefer that glass would be not use. Also think about the issue of waste; At AlmarBcn we are committed to the environment and in our navigations, we try to generate as little waste as possible.

Yes! In Chronos we have audio equipment with CD player (vintage), USB and Bluetooth. You can bring your music in any of these supports. But we will ask for moderation in the volume in respect for the environment, marine fauna and the rest of the navigators.

Yes, but in moderation. As on the road, the legislation provides that alcohol tests can be carried out on ships, both for the crew and for passengers. It is unusual, but it is likely. In any case, and for security reasons, it will be the skipper who judges whether the limits are being exceeded, reserving the right to cancel the departure, without the right to any claim.

Yes. If there is a nice weather, we could stop the boat and take a bath. In organized outings, in which there is a disparity of criteria, we will try to reach a consensus. Chronos has snorkelling equipment. The towel and the swimsuit (if you need it) is up to you.

To feel like having a good time! And:

  • Non-slip, transparent or white soled footwear for walking on the deck and, if you have them, waterproof or neoprene boots for outings of more than a day.
  • Warm, waterproof clothing, according to the time of year.
  • Sun cream, cap and sunglasses.
  • Swimsuit (if you need it) and a towel in the summer season and if you want to take a dip.
  • If you have them, binoculars, although the ship has two.
  • Camera
  • Water

Marina Badalona car park is a paid car park. Anyway, throughout the year except the summer months, you can park in the vicinity of the port without problem. And in summer, if you come early in the morning (before 9am) you will not have many problems either

It is considered bad weather to cancel the departure:

  • Rain (not drizzle)
  • Storm with electrical appliance
  • Wind of more than 4 force on the Beaufort scale (15 Kn or 27 Kmts / hour)
  • Waves over 2 meters high
  • If one or more of these situations coincide, the exit will be cancelled, giving the possibility of recovering the amount that you have paid or changing it for another day.

If it is place by place trip, we could not know if the rest of the group bothers that there is an animal or not, so we prefer that it does not come. On the other hand, if a family or group of friends rents the entire boat, and someone has a dog, and he has a life jacket and is well educated, he will be welcome on board.

We would love to welcome you to the Chronos, but you have to be very aware that the boat is not an easily accessible place, it has several barriers and presents some difficulty in getting around it.

It is important for the skipper to know if any of the passengers has any significant pathology or is taking any medication. This is what the maritime authorities’ request, and it is also necessary to be able to act correctly and as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency.

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