Regattas team

Do you want to experience the excitement of the cruise regattas competition? Participate in the maneuvers, collaborate in the design of the tactic and the strategy to follow? For two years, we have participated in the Badalona Sailing Club Cruise Regatta League, with a team of six people. We did not go out to win, we went out to have a good time, to improve our technique and to put a dose of adventure on those boring Sundays.

Would you like to join us? Experience the excitement of the competition and improve your sailing skills by being part of our regattas team

equip de regates

I have been sailing since 1989: alone and with very diverse crews, with people who have never been on a sailboat, and with professionals from whom I have learned a lot.

I participated in several classic sailing regattas and realized that a regatta is a great learning tool. It develops a series of skills that are not so necessary in cruise navigation. Hence the idea of ​​finding a more or less steady regatta team was born.

We have been participating regularly in the Cruise Regatta League organized by the Badalona Sailing Club (CVB) for two years. As well, in other specific regattas such as the “Badalona2”, “Equinocci” and some high-altitude regattas, such as “the Ruta de the Sal ”or “ Ophiusa ”.

AlmarBcn regattas team are not looking for individual leadership, but rather to form a cohesive, involved and committed team. We can all decided at any moment about tactics to follow, and all of us can do everything. This point differentiates us from most other teams, in which the person who takes the rudder is always the same and the person who does the band as well. In our case it is not so: every day, in each regatta, in each buoy, there is a positions rotation, so that in each of the tests, you will do everything. If we win or lose, the responsibility lies at the team.

Regattas Team

We did not go out to win. We went out to have a good time and improve our technique to get the most out of the sailboat and ourselves. We will learn to trim the sails, practice tacking, to orient ourselves. We follow a fixed course according to the chosen tactic and according to the criteria of the route set by the Organization. We assemble the bow sails, such as the Genaker and establish strategies to gain step preferences over other competitors. We will get to know ourselves better, we will know the ship and that will make us unite as a team. I would like to form a more or less steady team to get the most out of it, but I do not intend to create obligations. When someone cannot attend, there will be others who will do so sporadically.

No matter the physical form you are, you just need to be federated (I will explain how to do it) and want to be part of the “Chronos Team”.

Regatta price

860,00€20 Sessions

Total Amount without discount: 1000,00€

* Discount will be applied to those who have already participated in other regatta seasons or who are or have been students of the training courses in the last year. For single races the price is € 50.00 per regatta.