Companies Team Building

Navigation and the business world have many things in common. Apart from sharing a certain vocabulary (relaunch, reaching to good port, sinking, captaining…), in both activities it is essential to work as a team and to have very clear who the leader-captain is, letting be guided by him, and not discussing his decisions at critical moments. But we are aware, however, that it is impossible to “get to a good end” without great teamwork and without each one of the “crew members” having clear responsibilities and carrying them out with the utmost conviction and efficiency that they are capable of. That is, everyone who is involved in each of the company’s activities must be convinced that if the “ship sinks” he will also go down.

Team Building per a empreses

In both worlds (sports sailing and business) it is often essential to work hard to win the adversary or even to survive. We should not be afraid of the “storms” or the ship “crunches”, but we should be very respectful of both situations. We can enjoy the favourable winds, without forgetting the “guards”. And we must be wary of excessive calm, being prepared for what may happen at the most unexpected moment. For this reason, discipline, a cool head, good manager’s leadership and the trust that they have earned from the rest of the “crew” are essential. And all this requires training, involvement, companionship and confidence in yourself and your team.

After a long experience of more than 23 years in both worlds, business training and nautical, I realized that, given the confluence points that exist,it was time to take advantage of our background to give to the bussiness world, in various fields, the knowledge of the work carried out on a sports boat: group work, effective conflict resolution in stress situations, leadership, respect and recognition of the value of individual work.: Team Building. That’s why, and for one day, we trade the office for a boat rudder and sails.

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