Friends & partners

A commitment  with a responsible consumption and the small business owner

You know that we bet on a sustainable sailing, and for a similar way of life. That’s why we want to introduce you some of our friends and partners. They are people, entities or companies, with a high level of professionalism, committed in some sense, to the environment or society.

Proposing you these contacts, obeys the philosophy of weaving a network with small businesses and professionals to promote a local trade, in front of large corporations: we take sides, go.

They will treat you very well and in some cases will make you special conditions if you tell them to go on our part.


“From the Masia Rovira, in Pinell de Solsonès, you are encouraged to discover Solsonès, the region of a thousand farmhouses”.

With more than 20 years of experience, Jordi and Pilar have a beautiful 5-room farmhouse with a saltwater pool, where responsible and sustainable management of resources is carried out. With the “Catalan Cuisine” certification, they offer you a quality product and proximity, including seasonal vegetables from their garden.

Telling that you go on behalf of AlmarBcn, you will get a 10% discount on your stays!

Núria made our website photographic and video report. She says of herself “more than 25 years behind the camera framing, illuminating films and pursuing the idea of the Director, shooting documentaries, videos and always committed to the work that arrives to my hands.”

SOMOS: Custom web development and design and Digital Marketing Agency in Barcelona

SOMOS was born with the aim of facilitating the development of a digital project according to their needs for all those small companies, self-employed, startups or large companies. SOMOS is made up of people who believe that teamwork is the basis of all projects.


At Depósito Hidrográfico, they have everything you need for your boat and at very reasonable prices. Mar, Eduard and the rest of the family will take care of you in a very professional and close way. They have an extensive catalogue that covers all the sailor’s needs: instruments of defeat, publications of major international maritime agencies, meteorological instruments, maritime safety and rescue equipment, water treatment and a long list of others.

Telling that you go on behalf of AlmarBcn, you will get a 10% discount on some of your buys!

In the heart of Gràcia district, Manel and his team will sharpen your knives, fix your umbrellas and provide you with all the kitchen items you may need. They are professional people who do not want to sell only, but to make customers and that is why they will advise you with total professionalism about your needs. You will find all kinds of razors, knives, both mountain and marine, specialized or kitchen, umbrellas and household items.

If you tell them you are on our side, they will give you up to 10% off

Specialized bookshop, currently online, with more than a century of experience. Thousands of titles related to classic sailing, sports, recreation, charts, guides, study material, biology and oceanography, meteorology, novel, history and everything you could want and need, related to the sea and ships.

If you place orders saying that AlmarBcn sends you there, they will give you a 5% discount. Ask for Albert.

“At Cal Pauet, we are long-standing organic farmers and ranchers. We cultivate the land with the utmost respect for the environment, recover old varieties and work to maintain the traditional wisdom of the place, and that this is reflected in our products. We produce lamb, old wheat flour and seeds, of the highest quality and with ecological certification. “

La TORRATXA is a school of ceramics for all levels, for those who have never had any contact with clay until those who only need a space to experiment!

The feeling that the contact with the mud gives you is unique and this is precisely the feeling we are looking to find. Ceramics require a fairly high level of concentration on the piece in question, so all of a sudden, you forget everything around your head and focus only on what you are doing, on your hands and in the mud, nothing more.