Sailing between islands: Sardinia, Sicily, the Aeolian Islands and Menorca


We would like to spend the months of August and September 2022 sailing between islands. Yes, yes, you have read that right! We will sail from the island of Sardinia to the island of Sicily, and from it to the Aeolian Islands, and on the way to Menorca, we will come back to the island of Sardinia. What do you think of the plan?

 We divide these 2 months into stages of 7 days each. You may accompany us in 1 single stage or in several, as we do not repeat the journey. It will be an adventure, in which we will combine 200 nautical miles between islands, with quieter sailing to enjoy baths, coves, villages full of magic and a very special cuisine.

  Sailing in Sicily and in Aeolian Islands!

7 different trips between the islands of Sardinia, Sicily, Aeolian Islands and the Balearic Islands. Everyone is welcome, no experience required, but cruises between islands are ideal trips for people who have a certain habit of sailing and want to do miles living the adventure of not seeing land in two days and living on a sailboat,

Alfons and Gonzalo will accompany you on the whole voyage, allowing you, if you feel like it, to help them in their seafaring maneuvers or delighting you with stories and anecdotes from their many voyages.

It’s the end of July and we are in Algher, on the west coast of Sardinia. There is where we begin our adventure between islands. That is the program we have in mind: although due  the weather or the good judgment of the crew, it could change:


30th July – 05 August – L’ALGUER- CAGLIARI

A week on the Green Coast, the name given to the west coast of the island of Sardinia. A quiet coastline with long beaches and dunes. Relaxed sailing that will allow us to get to know Bosa, the Gulf of Oristano, San Giovanni de Sinis or Caloforte, until we reach the capital, the city of Cagliari.



Let’s make the leap! From Cagliari, where we will embark, we will cover the 217 miles that separate us from the island of Sicily. Sea voyage for sea lovers, for those who want to do nautical miles or feel the experience of living on the high seas on a 14-meter sailboat.

The first land we will see will be the Egadi Islands, very close to Sicily, where we will arrive on its west side. We will continue sailing through Capo San Vito and the Gulf of Castelmmare, until we reach Palermo.



7-day journey from Palerm to the beautiful Aeolian Islands. They are the Pearls of the Mediterranean, 7 volcanic islands located in northern Sicily.

We will sail between them. Vulcano, where we can climb the crater of its volcano, if you feel like it, Lipari (the capital), Panarea, Salina, Picorini, Alicudi or Stromboli, with its volcano still active.

Bathing in the sea, quiet afternoons, good food in a week full of adventures. On the last day we will dock at the port of Milazzo.





We start this journey in Milazzo and from here to the Aeolian Islands: Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Picorini, Stromboli …

We will enjoy a calm sailing, clear waters, charming villages and their peculiar gastronomy, where the swordfish tartare or the semi-cooked tuna are the protagonists. From Alicudi we will arrive in the city of Palerm where we will end our journey.


27 August – 02 September PALERMO-EGADI-CAGLIARI

The adventure is back and a new journey.

We will set sail from the capital of Sicily, Palerm, and from there, we will enjoy a relaxed sailing along the North Coast, overlooking the Gulf of Castelmmare, Capo San Vito and Trapani from where we will cross the southern part of the Tyrrhenian Sea. passing through the Egadi Islands (Favignana, Marettimo, Levanzzo) and arriving in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia.


03 September – 09 September CAGLIARI-CARLOFORTE-MAHON

We will meet at the port of Cagliari, in the south of the island of Sardinia. From there we will start our journey to discover the south coast of the second largest island in the Mediterranean and its west face until we reach a smaller island: Sant’Antioco and from there to Carloforte. It is one of the must-see places, everyone loves it! the steep streets, the port, the rest of the old fortifications …

And from there it will be where we will leave to make the jump to Maó, already at the island of Menorca, a crossing of about 200 Nm that will make us live the whole adventure of a high crossing aboard the Chronos .

795,00€per person and week

896,00 €per person and week

695,00€per person and week

Included in the price

7 days journey in a 44 feet sailboat

Sleep in a double sharing cabin

Professional Crew





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Foods (inside and outside boat)

Crew food (guest charge)

Ports and boies costs

Travels to the beginning and from the end of the trip