Sailing to the island of Sardinia

After the success of this adventure in September 2021, this year 2022 we  want to do it again. Sardinia awaits us!

We will start by spending the month of July on the island, the second largest island in the Mediterranean. If you think in Sardinia, we are sure that a lot of images come to your mind, but all of them are bright, clear. Images of long white sand beaches, turquoise waters, rocks that die directly into the sea and defensive constructions on the coast.

And to soak up all the culture of this place, we want to remain for a whole month, in which we will receive you who, either, you will have made the sea travel with us, or you will be arriving by plane.

Sailing towards the island of Sardinia, let’s live the adventure!

4 different trips with the same protagonist, the island of Sardinia: very long beaches, turquoise waters, fishing villages full of history …

Alfons, the skipper of the boat, and Gonzalo, will accompany you throughout the journey, allowing you, if you feel like it, to help them in the seagoing maneuvers or delight you with stories and anecdotes.

Navegant per Sardenya amb AlmarBcn

We have divided the month of July and, therefore, the trip, into 4 very well differentiated parts. You can sign up for a single part or for all of them!

July, the 2nd-8th, 2022: for the most daring, lovers of sailing and who want to experience a high altitude crossing. We will leave the Port of Badalona, ​​to travel the 282Mn that separate us from Algher, the first stop on our trip.

Algher is a Sardinian-Catalan town, known by many as the most beautiful town on the entire island. It would be unforgivable not to contemplate one of its sunsets.

After having rested, we will continue, now with more tranquility, and combining leisurely sailing, with bathing in coves, towards the west of the island. We will pass through Bosa, a town crossed by the Temo river, the only navigable river in all of Sardinia. You will love its soft colored houses, its wrought iron balconies, and the old part of the city.

The furthest south we will arrive will be the Gulf of Oristano, and if the sea allows us, we will stop at San Giovanni di Sinis, at the end of the peninsula that it forms, and from there we will return to Algher where we will say goodbye.


July the 9th-15th, 2022: This time we will meet in Algher, from there we will sail to the north of the island, passing through the Spiaggia della Pelosa, near the Asinara National Park, and we will stop in Castelsardo.

We will cross the Bocche de Bonifacio and jump to the neighboring island of Corsica. We will spend the night in the town  of Bonifacio, a mandatory stop on our itinerary and located at the southern end of the island. We will walk along the cliffs and discover the Ciutadella where you can enjoy the views of the sea. It is an idyllic natural environment

We will also pass through the Maddalena archipelago, with the most colorful and beautiful beaches in Sardinia. Formed by 7 islands, it forms a fascinating naturalistic and fauna complex protected by Unesco. Isola Maddalena, the most visited island, and Budelli, famous for its pink sand; its sand is pinkish due to limestone particles. We will make a stop at Isola Caprera to discover the natural park.

And from there to the Costa Smeralda, where Olbia is located, which is where we will say goodbye.

Cala Luna (Sardenya). Navegació a vela per l'illa de Sardenya

July the 16th-22nd 2022: During this trip we will sail to the south of Sardinia, crossing the east side of the island. We will leave Olbia to begin to know this part crossed by caves and rocks that die directly into the sea. We will pass through places such as Isola Tavolara, Capo Coda Cavallo, Cala Suaraccia or the Spiaggia di lastra Ruia.

Sailing through the Tyrrhenian Sea, which is how this part of the Mediterranean is known, we will go down to where the Gennargentu National Park jumps into the sea and creates a coastline of beauty difficult to describe. We will have already enjoyed places as full of charm as Cala Gonone, Cala Luna or the Gulf of Orisei.

We will go down to the Gulf of Tortolí and Arbatax, a tourist center famous for the red rocks. We will continue downhill, following the coast until we reach Cagliari. Before that, we will pass through Capo Carbonara, which together with the islands of Cavoli and Serpentara was named a protected marine area. Villasimius and its very white beaches. And finally Cagliari, Located in the Golf dels Àngels, capital of the island and a city of artistic beauty that runs through the streets of its historic neighborhoods. There we will finish our journey


July the 23th-29th, 2022: From Cagliari we will go up the west part of the island, getting to know another side of this beautiful island.

We will stop at Caloforte, an island founded by people who came from Genoa and who settled here in 1738. It is one of the places that visitors always fall in love with. Is it because of its steep streets, or because of its fortifications and watchtowers? Right in front of the Island of San Antioco.

We will continue climbing what is known as Costa Verde, a quiet coast, with long beaches and dunes. Nothing to see with the famous Costa Smeralda. To highlight, the Piscina Beach, considered one of the most fascinating beaches for its huge dunes, which can reach 100 meters in height and which extend up to 2 km in the interior of the island. From time to time you can see the Sardinian deer and the Caretta Caretta turtles, who choose this place to lay their eggs.

We will also pass through the Gulf of Oristano, and San Giovanni de Sinis. Dunes, lagoons and unique beaches such as Is Aruttas; where the sand shines due to the large transparent quartz formats with blue notes that reflect the sky and the sea.

We will continue to Bosa and from there to Alguero, where we will end our journey.


755,00€per person and week

Included in the price:

Round trip in a beautiful 44 feet sail boat

Overnight in a share double cabin

Skipper and sailman



Bed Sheets

Insurance trip

Not included in the price:

Food and drinks, both inside and outside the ship

Crew maintenance

Mooring in ports and buoys outside the base port


Mooring in ports and buoys outside the base port