Cetacean sighting

One of the most exciting moments that you can experience when you are sailing is to find a group of dolphins jumping, playing or following the boat or even see whales in the distance. It happens more and more frequently near the Catalan coast, but seeing them depends, partly, on luck … unless you know where to find them and… WE KNOW IT!

We are going to the Garraf Coast, are you coming? Cetacean sighting

Full-day trip to sail, explore the Costa del Garraf and look for the cetaceans that populate its waters for several months a year.

We would love to, but we cannot assure you their vision. What we can assure you is that you will live a day full of emotions.

Cetaceans sighting

One of the great secrets that the fishermen of our coasts have kept is the presence of cetaceans in these waters. It has known for years that between the months of February and May, whales and fin whales pass very close to here (about 10-15 miles) on their way to the Ligurian Sea in northern Italy. Waters of the Garraf coast are an area rich in food for them, due to the large presence of krill, the main livelihood of the fin whale.

6 different species of cetaceans have been sighted on the Garraf coasts: the striped dolphin, bottlenose dolphin, fin whale, grey pilot whale, sperm whale and short-beaked common dolphin. The most numerous is the fin whale, a protected and endangered species, which can reach 24 meters in length. A spectacular and intelligent animal, of which very little is known.

For all these reasons, we have been visiting and greeting them for 4 years now, and almost always successfully. We would like you to join us … what do you think?

Cetacean Sighting almarbcn Barcelona

Important information:

We would love to, but we cannot guarantee the vision of the cetaceans. But we can guarantee a different day, full of adventures and a good atmosphere.

Around 09:00am we leave Port de Badalona direction the Garraf coast, looking for the 1,000m depth, where they are usually found, enjoying sailing. We will spend the whole day on the high seas, at mid-morning we will have an aperitif and later we will also take the lunch (all included in the price). Arrival in Badalona is scheduled around 7:00 p.m.

Full-day trip

85,00€per person

Included in the price

Sailing on a beautiful 44ft fully equipped sailboat.

Crew required.

Typical Catalan vermouth.

Food on board.